The North Face
Protection against the elements

The ultimate camping experience of the future.
the north face camper sketches

Showcasing the future of outdoor clothing.

Meet FUTURELIGHT™—a high-performance textile, fully waterproof and 100% breathable, thanks to the nano-fibers it’s made of. Created by The North Face, this is a company truly delivering on its mission: to provide the best equipment for all outdoor explorers.

Our partnership with The North Face was about taking this one step further and showcasing the future potential of this innovative technology beyond the field of outdoor apparel.

The North Face camper in Joshua Tree National Park.

By thinking about extreme performance in new and unexpected ways, we created the FUTURELIGHT™ Camper Concept.

The camper is a light, mobile dome made of FUTURELIGHT™ material and heavy-duty geometry. As the fabric stretches over a geodesic dome, it creates a natural, weather-proof space. Somewhere to sleep after a day of hiking, or a place to take cover when nature is being, well, nature.

The camper is crafted on top of a highly-mobile platform, providing a comfortable cave for two people. The interior includes camping essentials, such as a bed and table, while still providing the feeling of a free space in nature due to its dome structure.

The North Face camper in Death Valley.

A VR trip through snowy cliffs and wuthering heights.

The camper concept was launched during the global consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas in January, with a VR installation taking visitors on a journey through nature, beyond the expected world of apparel.

  • The VR experience allows people to explore the camper and it's surrounding.
  • The interior includes camping essentials, such as a bed and table…
  • …making the camper the perfect space for a weekend getaway.
  • Protection against the elements, day and night.