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IAA 2021 Panel: How Infrastructure and Design Shape the Future of Our Spaces

September 15, 2021

IAA is no longer “just” about cars. It’s about everything that makes and keeps us mobile.

At this year’s IAA, Designworks’ President, Holger Hampf, participated in a panel discussion that explored the role of design in our rapidly transforming cityscapes and environments, and how these changes influence the role of the vehicles around us.

Along with Holger, the panel featured former BMW Group Design Chief, Chris Bangle, as host, and panelists Wayne Burgess, VP Design Ola Electric Ltd and Thomas Stellmach, expert on strategic sustainable urbanism.

The dialogue generated many powerful insights, from how governmental entities can shape the future of our cities as “curators of experiences” to embracing the unique culture of our environments, and resisting the threat of generic spaces. Yet what persists throughout the conversation, is the urgent need to design for change. The panelists highlight the importance of transitioning from designing solid, immovable structures to designing fluid, agile systems that embrace the rapid change occurring around us.

Watch the video below for a front row seat to “How Infrastructure and Design Shape the Future of our Spaces” at IAA 2021.