Tom Allemeier
Director, Design

Tom started his career as product designer in the mid-90’s at a time when the internet was still in its childhood days.

From the very beginning he combined a strong interest for architectural products and systems with an enthusiasm for the lifestyle industry, its brands and products. This playground for design particularly fascinated him in the 90’s and the beginning of the new millennium.

This was also the time when the BMW Group extended their design focus beyond the car introducing lifestyle lines for both the BMW and the MINI brand. Tom considers himself lucky for having had the chance to work with his teams on projects that shaped the visual language of both brands in the lifestyle world. At the same time he witnessed the healthy growth of the Designworks Munich Studio. Having been one of the founding members, he describes this time as one of the most thrilling experiences. In the following years Tom built up a solid expertise in mobility design.

“To this day, enthusiasm for dynamic development in the context of mobility remains the responsibility of a ‘colorful and great team.”