Design Insight: Designing for the Future of Interaction with Natural User Interfaces

‘Interact’—to communicate with or react to.

We interact constantly—with people, with objects, with devices, with our cars and within our homes. We interact with our touch, our voices, our eyes, our body and our gestures. It can be with a simple blink or a combination of inputs into a complex system.

The interfaces to interact with an object, a device, a space are no longer confined to the screens and keyboards we have become accustomed to. Our interactions become more meaningful when they provoke emotions within and are more natural to us.

The following film, ‘Natural User Interface’, is a design insight on future challenges and possibilities in design. In this case, we highlight creative and forward thinking concepts such as an Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) and BMW’s Shytech.

Designing for the Future of Interaction with Natural User Interfaces

With the backdrop of the BMW i Interaction EASE, the film is a prelude to what harmony between digital and physical interactions could look like. Embedded in its literal fabric, is a humanizing AI experience designed to create an inviting, intuitive and human passenger experience. Light as intelligence. The ephemeral presence of the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) serves as a playful invitation to interaction—a technology that ultimately disappears, yet lives within every surface.

“[Shytech] is exciting for our future, because it means our technology disappears and is embedded in everything.”
Charles Drueco, Creative Director, Interaction Design