Design Perspectives: Digital Experiences

Designworks Shanghai

Our physical and digital realities are rapidly colliding, combining, and evolving together—read below for insights developed by our Shanghai team that cover ‘phygital’ experiences, the shifting role of the consumer and how we can create satisfying digital moments.

BMW Dimensions of Real Installation at CES 2021. A digital experience that plays with the aesthetics of technology that are not limited by the physical. It demonstrates the potentials of digitality and envisions what is yet to come.

New Realities

Future customers are digital natives, very comfortable with travelling through virtual and physical experiences. Operating on virtual platform, new realities, like the metaverse and metahuman, allow customers to interact with future in imaginative ways, including community, city and ecology. The boundaries between virtuality and reality disappear.

A group of people experiencing the Infinity Room at CES 2022.

BMW Dimensions of Real. CES Visitors interact with the installation. The generative technology registers your movement and creates an experience unique to you — an experience that is determined by the user as much as the world itself.


Customers are not the receivers of experience. Customers are creators, and brands are curators. From customization to creation, the top experience is to be defined by customers, It is a co-creation process where the customers need to be placed explicitly at the same level of importance as the brand, or even more.

Visitors interacting with the "World of Calm" at the BMW tent.

BMW Dimensions of Real. One of three worlds, the world of calm encourages the user to slow down—the more still you are, the more interactive the world becomes, illustrating a truly ‘phygital’ experience that can only take place when the physical world blends with the digital.


It’s the magic of digitization—ever evolving and always fresh. The future world is phygital, which is the portal to many new realities, creating a digital soul of your future life by AI, metahuman and new technologies. It curates your life in reality and virtuality to be a better self smartly, seamlessly, and soulfully.

Grammer Pure. The interior of the vehicle adapts to the passenger's mood and needs in the moment. Curating experiences based on passenger preference.

Micro Scenario

Instead of a long-lasting immersive theatre, the best experience should be just to the point. Micro-scenario engages your attention on the right level and celebrates magic moments proactively, creating a meaningful and memorable experience. Luxury that’s not in your face, but at your fingertips.

Gamer in Action

The BMW Rival Rig. Illustrating a gaming experience that is built entirely around the user. Creating an experience that is immersive, and untethered by the realities of the physical world.


The ultimate customer engagement, do almost anything and get awarded. With in-built game-fi and social-fi elements, customers can earn game currency or social currency, used in the system or cashed out. The customers can find more fun ways to engage with the brands and communities.