Playworks – Borderless Learning

An inspired and energetic team of designers from Designworks Munich took part in the #EUvsVirus hackathon sprint. The event’s 21,000 participants from across the EU combined to submit 2,150 projects to help overcome the current challenges of COVID-19.

With some parents finding it difficult to balance jobs and all-day family life due to school closures, and other groups now having increased spare time, our team set out to find an answer to the question: “How to bring demand for time and supply of spare time together in a way that is meaningful both for people and for business?”

Over an intense three days, our team created a concept and business plan for Playworks – a live platform that generates and supports intensely personal and purposeful moments of education bringing together family networks, the wider community, and local businesses, both during and beyond COVID-19.

We are excited to announce that Playworks was considered as a finalists for development by the European Innovation Council into an actual solution!

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Interact with the prototype here.