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BMW Vision i8 Concept Spyder


The aspiration of autonomous vehicles is fast becoming a reality with the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and pervasive sensors technologies. BMW is leading the way with an i8 Spyder-based advanced concept car (the iVision Future Interaction concept) that anticipates and defines the model for how autonomous travel can be seamlessly connected to everyday life. In this project Designworks collaborated closely with BMW’s design team to push the boundaries of what the interconnected future can be. To illustrate the interaction of man and machine in the future, Designworks created the overall user story and interaction model, use cases, visual design, as well as animations and behavior.

This Vision Car was developed from the sporty and flexible BMW i8 Concept Sypder. The goal of the i8 concept car was to advance the potential of autonomous vehicles with next-generation technologies and to connect the experience of the car to the larger world through solutions that network the car’s systems with Smart Home and personal device systems. This way the car becomes part of a completely integrated experience that links mobility, comfort and connectivity.

Seamlessly integrated three dimensional displays offer predictive trip information and alerts.

Personalization and customized predictive responses tailored to individual users.

Air Touch technology enables the car’s systems to respond to hand gestures made in space.

The car’s systems enable it to respond to real-time road conditions at a range of 600 meters.