Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin

Premium Design Experience. Designworks transforms the first class cabin.

Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s premier airlines, asked Designworks to define a new concept of performance, aesthetics, and comfort for its new First Class cabin. Debuting onboard their new fleet of Boeing 777-300ER’s, the reimagined onboard environment offers a level of comfort, spaciousness, and privacy that is unparalleled in the airline world. Welcome to the new definition of luxury in the skies.

For us, the challenge was to completely transform  the ambiance of First Class while remaining true to the Singapore Airline brand. The transformation, based on extensive testing and collaboration with the client, resulted in individual “islands” centered around the concept of protective arms that embrace passengers in an aura of comfort. Our culture of design innovation was applied to all aspects of aesthetics and performance. Evoking the ambiance of an inviting living room, these elegantly crafted spaces are contoured in human-responsive geometries in the finest materials. The spaces were designed to adapt to passenger needs on long-duration international flights.

For sleeping, the luxury seat—one of the most spacious First Class seats in the sky—turns into a large bed comfortable enough for reclining on one’s side. Elegant tables, artfully integrated into the front of the seating area, can be extended simply without the need for folding mechanisms. Atmospheric and functional lighting have been strategically integrated into the design and then optimized for color and intensity to produce an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

The interiors of the seating islands are crafted of the finest leather in warm and modern shades of brown. To enhance the performance of this timeless material we devised a new covering technique to increase tension and maintain a smooth appearance, even after hours of use. The outside of the island was conceived as a protective shell in cooler grey and metallic tones to clearly demarcate a zone of privacy. This color concept flows into the carpeting to accentuate the impression of a cocoon-like space.


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Image of Singapore Airlines design sketch of side panel
Image of Sinagpore Airlines First Class Cabin luxury bed sketch

Human-responsive geometries in the finest materials.

  • iF Product Design 2014