Felix Nagelin

Creative Director, Industrial Design

designworks los angeles team member felix nagelin
designworks los angeles team member felix nagelin

Felix joined Designworks LA studio in 1998 as a designer, becoming Creative Director in 2014. He has the global Design oversight of the John Deere Agricultural account. He provides a deep understanding for design process and customer expectations.

Growing up in Switzerland gave Felix a multicultural background with focus on precision, attention to detail and the skill of bringing global companies together.

Prior to joining Designworks, Felix acquired his design foundation in Europe and the US, earning his bachelor’s degree in Automotive Design from Art Center College of Design.  He attended the European Campus in Switzerland prior to finishing in California. Felix studied Mechanical Engineering for Draftsmen in Zurich prior to focusing on Industrial Design.

When not in the office, Felix loves the outdoors, climbing hills on two wheels or carving downhill slopes, catching up on his 2nd professional career as a ski instructor.

"At Designworks we are the steering link between the creative and rational sides of any type of development process."